Captivating video moments that connect with your brand
Captivating video moments that connect with your brand

Weaving Art & Science to Connect Consumers to Brands.

How It Works

Our video platform's groundbreaking technology combines premium content with impactful placement, developing a connection with your audience. Using our proprietary weaving technology, premium content is seamlessly merged with the appropriate ad to continue the same sentiment for maximum emotional connection.

Our SafePlay Technology creates a brand-safe environment for advertisers, publishers and content owners.


SafePlay technology SafePlay technology


Integrity Scorecard

Traffic performance monitored to detect fraud from BOT nets and traffic exchanges. Website content analyzed for pictures, text, and full URL to ensure brand quality.

Viewability Insurance

The AnyClip Player identifies the website and blocks inappropriate, unsafe inventory and any restrictions provided by the advertisers.



Web traffic and ad view impressions are monitored by 3rd party partners MOAT or Integral Ad Science for performance analysis and assurance of quality delivery.

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Why AnyClip?
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Engagement like you’ve never seen.



  • Strike an emotional connection
  • Convey your message at minimal cost
  • Optimize to any performance metric
  • Reach unique and/or current audience
  • Ensure Brand Saftey

Your ultimate monetization solution.



  • Access premium content
  • Increase revenue
  • Choose monetization model
  • Improve engagement
  • View audience segmentation

Have your content be seen by the right users.



  • Enhance content with an advertisement
  • Increase reach
  • Boost marketing efforts
  • Expand on monetization
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