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AnyClip is relentlessly focused on brand safety and transparency, implementing the best verification tools in the market and stringent best practices to proactively protect advertisers from fraudulent activity.

Personalized Digital Video Ad Solutions

  • Grow return on ad spend
  • Increase campaign performance, results & lifespan
  • Reach consumers through content they seek
  • Develop a stronger emotional bond with consumers
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Introducing WeaVoTM

AnyClip's metadata-enriched content library contains more than a million video clips licensed from leading studios and sports teams. Its groundbreaking WeaVo™ solution enables advertisers to automatically infuse this content into ads that share a brand sentiment, transforming a single creative into multiple personalized ads designed to resonate with individual users.

WeaVo™ also lowers the barrier of entry to video by allowing advertisers with no video assets to transform radio or display ads into content-based video ads.

AnyClip's Sense & Match™ Smart Recommendation Engine predicts what content would engage individual viewers, and then serves them the right content-driven ad, on the right platform, at the right time.

By transforming video ads into personalized and enjoyable experiences, advertisers can leverage the sentimental value of premium content to strike an emotional connection with consumers.

The Four-Step Personalization Process

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A brief that includes campaign goals, a required brand message, and target audiences is provided.

All assets are delivered - a single video ad, radio ad, or even display ad, images and a logo.

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Through an automated, scalable weaving technology, an enormous library of engaging premium content, and an in-house creative team, AnyClip turns any creative into multiple content-based video ads, designed to resonate with specific demographics

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AnyClip runs the campaign and serves video ads to target audience on premium websites.

By using external and internal Data Management Platforms (DMPs), AnyClip matches each ad to both an individual consumer on a specific website.

Our proprietary Smart Recommendation Engine predicts what content would engage individual viewers, and then serves them the right content-driven ad, on the right platform, at the right time.

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AnyClip pre-determines viewer engagement benchmarks and monitors engagement.

Ads are refreshed, with new creatives served in real-time, guaranteeing that engagement rates remain high

How We Are Different

  • AnyClip is the only advertising technology partner with licensing rights for premium content.
  • Gain immediate access to more than a million movie, sports and entertainment clips from content owners such
    as Universal, Chelsea F.C., Turner, Cover Media, RTV, Motorvision and more.
  • By serving both content and ads, AnyClip provides effective ad blocker circumvention solutions.
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  • AnyClip’s proprietary automatic tagging algorithm leverages the world’s most advanced third-party Artificial Intelligence engines and machine learning to automatically tag video content, creating an unmatched layer of video metadata.
  • A proprietary weaving engine scalably blends ads with matching content, instantly transforming one ad into dozens.
  • A proprietary Smart Recommendation Engine uses big data to match each ad with a given website and individual website.
img description Innovation
  • AnyClip has compiled first-party data on more than 1 million premium content clips.
  • A proprietary player and widget collect billions of points that are analyzed by AnyClip’s team of data scientists and used to data predict and improve campaign results and brand engagement.
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  • AnyClip utilizes the precision of automation together with the beauty of the human perspective to create engaging, personalized ad experiences.
  • AnyClip’s solutions can be introduced at any stage of the creative process through an in-house creative team with a collaborative approach.
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Additional Benefits

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Brand Safety

Ads are placed with premium content in a fully brand-safe environment.

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Ad Blocking Solutions

By serving both content and ads, AnyClip provides ad blocker circumvention solutions.

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Premium Inventory

AnyClip serves ads to thousands of premium websites globally.

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